1. Rules Of WebHosting

2, Cancelations

3. Termination Policy

4. Rules Of Web Design

5. Copyright

1 – Rules Of WebHosting

A) Our webhosting is here for any one to use, it is a package that we offer to a wide range of companies to meet a wide range of company needs. We monitor all our web hosting clients to ensure what they are planning to host is legal, you can host and use our servers for any needs except any thing illegal this includes child pornography, incest pornography, illegal music playing/hosting, illegal movie playing/downloading, or any other illegal acts. Our webhosting is for and is used by multiple countries worldwide so please make sure that what you do doesnt break any laws in other countries.

B) Any illegal content that is seen or tried to be hosted will be reported to the police and the client that does this will be removed and banned from the Hosted UK Website/s.

C) You can offer downloads on your website as long as this doesnt breach any copyright laws or any other laws relating to the content being downloaded, but must abide by your hosting regulations such as your bandwidth requirements, you can upgrade your bandwidth limits as required when you hit your limit. Any content found on our servers that has maliscious items in it that are designed to or may harm/damage others computers will be removed and reported to the appropriate authorities. Please note that we DO NOT ALLOW streaming of any videos, heavy downloads, proxy services, app servers or personal video stroage.

D) All content that you store on our servers must be allowed to be there, as in you must have copyright permissions or own/create the files that you are hosting on the website.

E) We DO NOT allow hardcore pornographic websites to be hosted on our servers.

F) If at any time you change the use of our servers to a service for any other use that may be deemed as illegal/unethical/inapropriate/racist your account will be disabled until further notice when the issue has been resolved.

G) If you get a free domain as a part of a hosting package, you will have full rights to transfer the domain to where you wish, please post a ticket to get this done (please note: transfer fees still apply). If you do not wish to do this then we will keep owernship of the domain.

2 – Cancelations

A) You can cancel your account within the first 14 days of getting a subscription with us, in this time you will receive a full refund if you decide to cancel your policy, this does not apply to the trial webhosting that we offer on our website.

B) After the 7 days period you are in a contract for the term that you have subscribed to so you must wait until the conrtact time is up before you can cancel your account.

C) In the case that you have a direct debit setup with Hosted UK for making your subscription payments then you must contact us 14 days before you plan to cancel your direct debit, note that this can only be done if your contract is due to expire in the next 14 days.

D) Legal action will be taken if you cancel your direct debit without giving 14 days notice.

E) Please note that these rules do not affect your Human Rights.

3 – Termination Policy

A) If you break any of the rules that are listed in this document and listed on our website then your account could face termination, if your account is terminated due to rules breaking you will lose all your files, your account and any money you have already paid for subscription time, also depending on the rules that you break can result in police being informed and legal actions being taken.

B) If your account is terminated or faces a termination query from the Hosted UK staff then you can object to your cancelation, where we will discuss with you the reason/s why your account was terminated or why you have been emailed warning you of possible termination. If you win your case your account will not be terminated and if your files have already been removed they will be replaced back on the server and you will be credited with 1 month free hosting onto your current subscription (your subscription would also carry on from the time that you had left before the termination message).

4 – Rules Of Web Design

A) If we create a website for you through our web site design packages that we offer on the website then we will own the files that we create for you, if you choose to transfer to another hosting supplier you can purchase your files for a buyout fee that will be given to you based on the actual content of your website.

B) If you receive the free domain with our design packages then we own the domain, you can pay a fee (if service offered (see 4C) to buy this domain from us and a transfer fee to get the domain transferred to any where that you please. There will be a time period of up to 14 days before the domain will transfer fully after payment is received by Hosted UK .

C) If you terminate your account at any point we can refuse to offer you a transfer of the domain, but if we accept the transfer the above ruling (see 4B) applies.

5 – Copyright

A) All files that we create for your website are copyrighted to the Hosted UK name and we own all the website files in full, we offer a buyout on the website files if you wish to fully own the files and be able to do what you want with them.

B) All files that you host on our server must not break copyright, you msut have full right to use the files as your are intending to do so or are already doing so, if you dont have rights to do this then any lawsuites that are placed againt the website fall onto you not the Hosted UK, we will not take responsibility for you if you break the law on our servers, so ensure that the files you are using you have permission to use. If legal action is taken against you due to a result of copyright or other law breaking on our servers you may face a fine from Hosted UK (see 5D for details about fines).

C) All items on our website and on our customers websites that we have created are property of the Hosted UK company and any copying or illegal use of these files will result in Legal Action being taken on the offenders and prosecution for breaking copyright laws.

D) If you are taken to legal action for copyright issues with another company you may also receive legal actions from Hosted UK and/or a fine for breaking the rules on our server and breaking the law through our servers.