Q. I have bought a domain now what?
A. Set your Name Server records for the domain to point to our hosting server using the following name servers:

Q. I have files hosted with another company elsewhere can I bring them?
A. If you have access to the FTP you can download your website files and then upload them to our server afterwards.

Q. How do I move a WordPress website?
A. If it is a wordpress website hosted via another web host, you can either use a backup/cloning plugin within wordpress or you can download all the files from the FTP, then upload them to our service and adjust the config files to fix any issues that you may have.

Q. Can I move a WordPress website to another domain?
A. Yes, we can do this for you if you have the new domain pointed to our servers, we can add the domain to your hosting account and then migrate the files over and adjust the config files to point the website to the new domain, please note there may be additional fees charged for this service.

Q. If I decide to change hosting providers can I transfer my website over?
A. Yes, as long as your new host supports the type of website you have hosted with us, such as WordPress etc, we can make a full backup of your website and email it to you as a .zip file so you can upload and extract it on the new hosting account (or ask the web hosts to do it if you get stuck).

Q. I need a domain name where do I get one?
A. There are lots of suppliers out there for domain name purchasing but we personally suggest UK-Cheapest we personally register our domains via these guys, there prices are great and there customer support is really good too.

Q. How do I cancel my hosting services?
A. Simply contact our support at any time to cancel your services, please note we do not refund hosting charges paid in advance, your hosting services will be available for use until the date you have already paid up to, but we will not take any further recurring payments.